Linux wireless LAN support

Wireless Adapter Chipset Directory compiled by HJ Heins
Last updated on 1 October 2023

General Information

This is an attempt to create a, more or less complete listing of wireless devices with information about the chipset they are based on and whether or not they are supported in Linux. The basis of this list came from this list (thanks to AbsoluteValue Systems for the permission to use it!).

This list isn't complete, so if you have any information about a wireless card, its chipset and whether or not it is supported, please drop me a line.
This list doesn't specify anything about how much of your card is supported. So a card that only works without encryption is listed the same as one that also has support for WEP/WPA. For the specifics about how much of your card is supported, please refer to the driver page listed for your card.

Native support only
Please note that this list does not mean anything for the support of a card in Linuxant driverloader or ndiswrapper. The list of cards supported by ndiswrapper can be found here: ndiswrapper wiki

This list is a work in progress, it should give you an indication of what is supported, it is by no means guaranteed that it should work for you!
Please e-mail me your experience (remove the NOSPAM from the e-mail address).

Additional resources
How to report your wireless device.
Some additional info about wireless cards and chipsets, what to do with them and what specifically not to do with them, is available here.


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