Howto report your wireless device

If you want to report your wireless device, and whether it works on Linux, please make sure you have the following information:

If you have this information, please e-mail it to:, but don't forget to remove the "NOSPAM".

How to identify your wireless card:

Next, to get the manufacturer and device id for a pci device, look for the number when doing "lspci -n".
# lspci -vv | grep Intel
00:0b.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG (rev 05)
Subsystem: Intel Corporation: Unknown device 2702

Now, look for the device number:
# lspci -n | grep 00:0b.0
00:0b.0 Class 0280: 8086:4220 (rev 05)

Report your device here:

product ID: *
host I/F: *
wlan type: *
vendor & product code: *
chipset: *
driver: *
works with Linux: *



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